Umoe Mandal - WAVECRAFT™


The WAVECRAFTTM is developed by Umoe Mandal to serve as the next generation of Crew Transfer Vessels (CTV) in the Offshore Wind and Oil & Gas Industry. The WAVECRAFTTM is a Surface Effect Ship (SES) that is partly lifted by an air cushion enclosed by side hulls and flexible rubber sealing in the aft and in the bow. By utilizing this air cushion to stabilize heave motion the vessel is able to dock with an offshore installation, fixed or floating, in higher sea states than possible today. In addition, the WAVECRAFTTM offers excellent sea keeping and passenger comfort combined with a very high speed. This allows for reaching the offshore installations even when the weather window for safe operation is narrow.
The WAVECRAFTTM is based on Umoe Mandal’s more than 25 years of experience in designing and building of Surface Effect Ships (SES) for the military marked.
Development of The WAVECRAFTTM was partly supported by the Research Council of Norway, and Regional Research Fond and Carbon Trust Offshore Wind Accelerator.