Wind giant tests fierce “seaplane” outside Esbjerg at 78 kilometer an hour

“We are constantly working to improve the technologies that we use when operating our windmill parks. A faster service vessel means shorter transit time, and therefore, technicians get more work time at windmill parks. When operating windmill parks, we have days where we can’t get access to the field due to weather; a more robust craft makes it possible to transfer wind technicians, allowing for more offshore working days per year, explains Håkan Borgström, Senior Manager, Operations Technology – Concept Line at Ørsted”.

Umoe Mandal unveils new member of the Voyager family

Voyager 38X incorporates proven air-cushion catamaran and Surface-Effect-Ship (SES) technologies with a sophisticated motion control system, which compensates for vertical wave motion, offering comfortable transit and safe access to other vessels and installations offshore. The vessel may be outfitted with a gangway and a SeaSpyder personnel transfer system. With a sleek composite hull design and optional smart interior layout that offers modern facilities, such as a meeting room, refreshments lounge, quiet zone with reclining chairs, tv screens and other modern amenities, Voyager 38 X is optimized to deliver uniquely comfortable transit for up to 150 passengers and crew of six.

With max speed of 55 kn, excellent seakeeping capabilities even in high sea states and superior fuel efficiency and hence low environmental footprint, the new Voyager 38X offers reduced logistical costs per each far from shore transfer, effectively servicing multiple platforms in a single transit.

WAVECRAFT™ Voyager 38 X can be delivered in accordance with all major classification societies, and is compliant with USCG and ABS A1 HSC Crew boat, “Circle E” + AMS + DPS-2 classifications. Applying the latest in high-speed diesel engine- and SCR technologies, Voyager 38 X meets stringent environmental standards and is compliant with USCG EPA TIER 4 requirements.

“Voyager 38 X implements intelligent design and state-of-the-art technology to offer new standard for offshore crew transfer, directly competing with helicopters on levels of safety, comfort, fuel efficiency and overall reduced cost of offshore logistics. We are pleased to offer our latest innovation to the global Oil & Gas sector, and are especially excited to enter the US market with purpose-designed technologies to meet EPA TIER 4 standard”, said Are Søreng, VP Sales & Marketing at Umoe Mandal.

Read more about Voyager 38 X

(Note: Some design features and performance indicators may vary for the global and US Voyager 38 X versions.)

Transforming amphibious vehicles

As part of the composite component development program of the next generation Landing Craft, Air-Cushion (LCAC), we have designed and are delivering advanced components for the Ship-to-Shore Connector series.

Critical components from Umoe Mandal include all-composite propeller ducts, rudders and lift fan volutes with transition ducts and air thruster nozzles are part of the delivery package signed with Textron Systems Marine & Land Systems in 2012, which has begun on-water testing in April, 2018.

Light weight, robustness and non-corrosive qualities of our all-composite components will ensure reliability and maintainability of the craft, as well as meet requirements for rapid deployment, high speed, increased payload, availability, fuel efficiency and lower life-cycle maintenance costs.

Umoe Mandal’s components package will contribute to this evolutionary craft’s cutting-edge capability for transporting personnel and material “feet dry” onto shore during defense, humanitarian and disaster relief missions.

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Read more about Textron Systems’ Ship-to-Shore Connector and components from Umoe Mandal AS

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Critical components for a multi-mission warship for the UK Royal Navy

Integrated package of mast and SCOT Sponsons structures will be manufactured at Umoe Mandal’s highly-specialized facilities for building of high-performance commercial and navy vessels and advanced components in composite materials, with first shipset delivery scheduled for fall 2019.

“This contract further strengthens Umoe Mandal’s long-standing partnership with BAE Systems, to whom we have delivered close to eighty gun cupolas since 1998”, said Tom Harald Svennevig, CEO, Umoe Mandal. “We are honoured to have been once again selected as the preferred supplier of critical ship structures amongst a group of highly reputable international contractors that have contended to participate in this program”.

Type 26 Global Combat Ship program is headed by UK Ministry of Defence and BAE Systems to develop a highly capable and versatile multi-mission warship for the UK Royal Navy, to support anti-submarine warfare, air defence, general purpose and humanitarian assistance operations. The first ship is schedule to enter service in the 2020s.

Type 26 Global Combat Ship main vessel specifications

 Main dimensions:

  • Displacement 6,900 tonnes
  • Length 149.9 metres
  • Maximum beam 20.8 metres


  • Top speed 26+ knots
  • Range in excess of 7,000 nautical miles in Electric-Motor (EM) drive


  • 2 x electric motors
  • 4 high speed diesel generators
  • Gas turbine direct drive


  • Accommodation, health and recreation services for 208 crew and 157 core complement

Maintenance and modification contract to Umoe Mandal

In July 2018, Umoe Mandal signed an exclusive 5 year Frame Working Agreement with the Norwegian Defence Logistic Organisation for overhauls of our Skjold Class Coastal Corvettes and Alta/Oksøy Class Mine countermeasure vessels. The contract has a duration of 5 years with an option for prolongation of up to 2 years.

This continued and extended cooperation further strengthens Umoe Mandal’s capacity and competence to support naval projects for maintenance and modification of vessels built in advanced composite materials.

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Maintenance and modifications to WAVECRAFT ™ Umoe Firmus

WAVECRAFT ™ Umoe Firmus has been refurbished from 12 to 24 Pax (IP). There is still spacious and comfortable seating arrangements for the passangers.
WAVECRAFT ™ Umoe Firmus has changed flag form British to Danish flag.
WAVECRAFT ™ vessels are based on proven Surface Effect Ship and air-cushion catamaran design, which guarantees rapid transit time, excellent seakeeping and passenger comfort, superior fuel economy and reduced environmental footprint.

New interior Firmus - Spacious & Comfortable
New interior Firmus – Spacious & Comfortable


Good and practical storagespace.
Good and practical storage space


Umoe Firmus Cabin
Umoe Firmus Cabin


Good sized kitchen
Good sized kitchen

The future is here!

The system is now in pilot operation including key mechanical components onboard the ship.
The system monitors machinery condition in real time to give the user accurate indication of machinery health and remaining component life.
The prototype installation will be tested by our engineers over the next year, giving valuable information on how to move away from traditional time based maintenance to a condition based maintenance strategy.

Umoe Mandal plan to offer Foresight technology as part of the SenseLOG maintenance program. The Ship owner will own the data and save cost by a better maintenance strategy. In turn, Umoe Mandal will have a shorter response time for maintenance requests, this ensuring the best possible availability of the vessel.

Together with Machine Prognostics, our vision is to reduce waste by increasing ship and machinery component life and thereby reduce maintenance costs for vessel owners. With this technology we solve tomorrows problems in the industry.

“Foresight Technology is a machinery condition indication system which gives the user accurate indication of the health and remaining life of machinery components.”





Umoe inngår samarbeid med Kongsberg knyttet til levetidsforlengelse av Skjold-klasse korvetter

Mandal, 10 september 2020

UMOE og KONGSBERG inngår samarbeid knyttet til levetidsforlengelse av Skjold-klasse korvetter


Umoe Mandal AS og Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace AS (KONGSBERG) inngår samarbeid knyttet til levetidsforlengelse av Skjold-klasse korvetter. Regjeringen la fram forslag den 29. mai om å fremskynde levetidsforlengelse av sjøforsvarets korvetter som tiltak for økt aktivitet i norsk maritim næring.

UMOE og KONGSBERG, sammen med et stort antall leverandører fra norsk maritim næring tilbyr moderne teknologi for økede militære kapabiliteter, og ikke minst en mer miljøvennlig- og kostnads effektiv drift av klassen. Levetidsforlengelsen av fartøyene vil foregå ved verftet i Mandal i tett samarbeide med KONGSBERG og øvrige leverandører.

«Levetidsforlengelsen vil kunne befeste det gode og langsiktige samarbeide med Forsvaret, og sikre at fartøyenes unike ytelser og kapasiteter ivaretas, og ytterligere forbedres. Samtidig vil det sikre arbeidsplasser i en krevende tid for industrien.» Sier Tom Svennevig, daglig leder for UMOE Mandal.

«Regjeringens fremskynding av oppgradering av Skjold-klassen ønskes velkommen og er et viktig bidrag til norsk forsvarsindustri i en utfordrende tid. Vi gleder oss til å starte dette samarbeidet som først og fremst skaper muligheten for å ivareta arbeidsplasser i norsk industri, men også utfordrer oss på å finne gode løsninger og utvikle teknologi som bidrar positivt inn til forsvarsevnen.» Sier Eirik Lie, administrerende direktør i Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace AS.

UMOE Mandal har konstruert og bygget Skjold-klasse korvettene til Forsvaret og KONGSBERG har vært en sentral leverandør av kampsystemet og integrasjon av delsystemer i dette. «Sammen representerer UMOE Mandal og KONGSBERG bred og dyp kompetanse på plattformen og alle delsystemene ombord som sikrer nødvendig kompetanse og evne for å støtte Forsvarets behov gjennom programmet og levetiden.» Sier Kjetil R. Myhra, divisjonsdirektør i Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace AS.


For mer informasjon:

UMOE: Tom Svennevig, daglig leder, Umoe Mandal AS,

Tel.: (+47) 909 42 330.


Ronny Lie, kommunikasjonsdirektør, Kongsberg Gruppen ASA,

Tel.: (+47) 916 10 798.





Composite Mast and SCOT sponsons for the HMS Glasgow

Umoe Mandal AS has successfully delivered Composite Mast and SCOT sponsons for the HMS Glasgow, the first in a series of Type 26 Global Combat ships designed and built by BAE Systems and contracted by UK Ministry of Defence. The components manufactured by Umoe Mandal AS incorporates advanced composites and specialist know-how. The extensive use of composite structures can be a game changer with respect to performance, maintenance and weight optimisation.  Umoe Mandal AS will continue to support the Type 26 programme and work is already ongoing for the next ship set. Mast and SCOT sponsons had a plain sailing and have arrived Glasgow in sunshine.