Umoe Rapid’s first Hywind charter successfully accomplished

This newbuild high-performance CTV was delivered in May 2017 and is currently under commercial and operational management by World Marine Offshore. Umoe Rapid is the second WAVECRAFTTM Crew Transfer Vessel from Umoe Mandal AS that has carried out a charter for Statoil at Hywind offshore wind farm. Previously, Umoe Firmus has worked at the same field for Statoil.

Positive feedback on vessel’s performance has been received both from Umoe Rapid’s captain and Statoil’s representatives. Tomasz Pruszynski, Master of Umoe Rapid has noted during the charter: “They are all amazed with the vessel and its performance”.

Ben Lawson, Statoil’s Senior Operations Engineer at Hywind park has complimented the crew and vessel’s performance, saying: “Been a pleasure working with you guys. You have supported the work scope at Hywind excellently and more importantly, you have done so safely.”

New WAVECRAFT ™ Voyager series for Oil & Gas sector

Umoe Mandal AS, a specialist Norwegian shipyard, has now launched its WAVECRAFT™ Voyager series, customized to deliver substantially reduced transit time, excellent seakeeping and superior fuel economy, transferring personnel to far-from-shore installations so smoothly that they arrive refreshed and immediately ready for work.

“The market has been waiting for this,” says Are Søreng, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Umoe Mandal. “Any operator that is shuttling crew by helicopter today is thinking about reducing their use. Not only can we offer a commercially-viable alternative to helicopters, WAVECRAFT™ Voyager really doesn’t have an equivalent vessel in the market for comparison.”

WAVECRAFT™ Voyager may be delivered in a standard or as a high-performance version. Both have equally unmatched speed and seakeeping capabilities, and offer superior fuel economy, reducing environmental impact and downtime, and increasing overall productivity. WAVECRAFT™ Voyager maintains this excellent performance even in high sea states and can transport crew at sprint speed of 50 knots.

WAVECRAFT™ Voyager vessels are designed as an air-cushion catamaran, based on proven surface-effect ship technology (SES), which has been successfully employed for more than 25 years on numerous Umoe Mandal deliveries to navies and to other commercial applications.

Utilizing an active vertical motion damping system, WAVECRAFT™ Voyager allows for reaching the offshore installations even when the distance from harbour is far and the weather for safe operations is narrow in almost half the time, compared to alternative vessels. While reducing wave-induced motions on the vessel, Voyager offers unrivalled seakeeping capabilities, which virtually eliminates sea-sickness. “To our knowledge, WAVECRAFT™ vessels are the only vessels that can control heave motions”, notes Mr. Søreng.

“We understand that these vessels will work in harsh, remote conditions and they are designed to excel in this environment,” he adds. “When we deliver a vessel we ensure its crew is fully trained in its operation, so that they can maximise performance and maintain the vessel in good order with a comprehensive spare parts package.”

Umoe Mandal offers alternative vessels in its WAVECRAFT™ series, tailored to suit crew transfers for particular applications in renewable energy and defense sectors.

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WAVECRAFT ™ vessel Umoe Firmus starts on Gemini offshore wind farm

Umoe Mandal’s Wave Craft vessel Umoe Firmus has started work on the Gemini offshore wind farm. The project consists of 150 wind turbines and was con-structed in the Dutch North Sea across two sites in close proximity. The vessel was brought in to replace a SWATH vessel with a gearbox issue. Leo Hambro, MD of Tidal Transit and operator of Umoe Firmus, re-ported that the vessel is performing exceptionally well on the site, cutting the transit times from three hours to one and half. “The vessel uses more fuel per hour than conventional CTV but the high speed means that the net effect is the same fuel consumption for the distance. But with a three hour saving of time per day for 12 passengers, site productivity is greatly enhanced.” The next WaveCraft vessel that is upgraded for 24 passengers is due to be delivered on 15th May and will be on show at the Sea Work exhibition in June in Southampton, UK.


Umoe Mandal AS is authorized with NS-EN ISO 9001:2015 certificate

Our QHSE philosophy has always been rooted in the conviction that our employees are our most important asset; while safety, health, quality and environment are the guiding principles of our enterprise. It is an honor to be recognized with ISO certification for our commitment to deliver quality to our customers, integrity to our employees, responsible conduct to our environment, and a sustainable growth to our investors. Read about our QHSE policy.

Sailing up to 250 nm per day, and not slowing down

WAVECRAFT™ Umoe Rapid, operated by World Marine Offshore has recently been awarded a 12 months charter to provide crew and cargo transfer, supporting turbine installation work at one of Germany’s largest and most distant wind farms.

This long-term charter is the latest in a series of jobs Umoe Rapid has been awarded since its delivery in May of this year. The vessel has proved notable performance, working for Statoil at Hywind Scotland, world’s first floating wind farm. Umoe Rapid has also earlier served at German North Sea, performing general crew and cargo transfers, and full substation personnel transfers.

Umoe Rapid’s impressive performance of 45 kn max. speed / 40 kn service speed, safe boatlanding in up to 2.5 m wave height, 25 per cent reduction in fuel consumption, compared to traditional windfarm CTVs in high speed, and substantially reduced seasickness, reported by crew and passengers and shown by third party monitoring, proves this craft to be a reliable and profitable workhorse of a vessel.

Even in rough weather and challenging sea conditions, Umoe Rapid has demonstrated high speed and excellent seakeeping capacity, expanding safe accessibility of wind turbines and other offshore installations to an average of 33 technicians per day.

Umoe Mandal awarded support by The Research Council of Norway

Umoe Mandal will focus on optimizing total vessel concept by conducting a parameter sensitivity study on the most important hull parameters in order to design an even lighter hull construction, which will result in more fuel reduction and lower CO2 emissions. Other focus areas will include enhanced propulsion solutions and fire restriction. Various calculation and testing programs will be applied, including simulation, model testing, CFD and FEM.

The overall objective of the project is to further develop proven Surface Effect Ship (SES) and air-cushion catamaran technology for a more competitive vessel in regard to construction and operating costs, specifically designed to improve logistics and cost-efficiency of operations in the offshore energy sector.

Umoe Mandal partnered with The Research Council of Norway on an earlier MAROFF-1 project developing WAVECRAFT™ high-speed CTVs for the offshore Renewables industry.

The MAROFF programme aims to actualize Norwegian government’s maritime strategy for promoting innovation and environmentally sustainable value creation in the maritime industries.

The programme provides support and funding to maritime firms and research institutions that initiate specific projects that target to discover innovative solutions to challenges identified in the Maritim21 and MARUT processes.

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Wind giant tests fierce “seaplane” outside Esbjerg at 78 kilometer an hour

“We are constantly working to improve the technologies that we use when operating our windmill parks. A faster service vessel means shorter transit time, and therefore, technicians get more work time at windmill parks. When operating windmill parks, we have days where we can’t get access to the field due to weather; a more robust craft makes it possible to transfer wind technicians, allowing for more offshore working days per year, explains Håkan Borgström, Senior Manager, Operations Technology – Concept Line at Ørsted”.

Umoe Mandal unveils new member of the Voyager family

Voyager 38X incorporates proven air-cushion catamaran and Surface-Effect-Ship (SES) technologies with a sophisticated motion control system, which compensates for vertical wave motion, offering comfortable transit and safe access to other vessels and installations offshore. The vessel may be outfitted with a gangway and a SeaSpyder personnel transfer system. With a sleek composite hull design and optional smart interior layout that offers modern facilities, such as a meeting room, refreshments lounge, quiet zone with reclining chairs, tv screens and other modern amenities, Voyager 38 X is optimized to deliver uniquely comfortable transit for up to 150 passengers and crew of six.

With max speed of 55 kn, excellent seakeeping capabilities even in high sea states and superior fuel efficiency and hence low environmental footprint, the new Voyager 38X offers reduced logistical costs per each far from shore transfer, effectively servicing multiple platforms in a single transit.

WAVECRAFT™ Voyager 38 X can be delivered in accordance with all major classification societies, and is compliant with USCG and ABS A1 HSC Crew boat, “Circle E” + AMS + DPS-2 classifications. Applying the latest in high-speed diesel engine- and SCR technologies, Voyager 38 X meets stringent environmental standards and is compliant with USCG EPA TIER 4 requirements.

“Voyager 38 X implements intelligent design and state-of-the-art technology to offer new standard for offshore crew transfer, directly competing with helicopters on levels of safety, comfort, fuel efficiency and overall reduced cost of offshore logistics. We are pleased to offer our latest innovation to the global Oil & Gas sector, and are especially excited to enter the US market with purpose-designed technologies to meet EPA TIER 4 standard”, said Are Søreng, VP Sales & Marketing at Umoe Mandal.

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(Note: Some design features and performance indicators may vary for the global and US Voyager 38 X versions.)

Transforming amphibious vehicles

As part of the composite component development program of the next generation Landing Craft, Air-Cushion (LCAC), we have designed and are delivering advanced components for the Ship-to-Shore Connector series.

Critical components from Umoe Mandal include all-composite propeller ducts, rudders and lift fan volutes with transition ducts and air thruster nozzles are part of the delivery package signed with Textron Systems Marine & Land Systems in 2012, which has begun on-water testing in April, 2018.

Light weight, robustness and non-corrosive qualities of our all-composite components will ensure reliability and maintainability of the craft, as well as meet requirements for rapid deployment, high speed, increased payload, availability, fuel efficiency and lower life-cycle maintenance costs.

Umoe Mandal’s components package will contribute to this evolutionary craft’s cutting-edge capability for transporting personnel and material “feet dry” onto shore during defense, humanitarian and disaster relief missions.

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Critical components for a multi-mission warship for the UK Royal Navy

Integrated package of mast and SCOT Sponsons structures will be manufactured at Umoe Mandal’s highly-specialized facilities for building of high-performance commercial and navy vessels and advanced components in composite materials, with first shipset delivery scheduled for fall 2019.

“This contract further strengthens Umoe Mandal’s long-standing partnership with BAE Systems, to whom we have delivered close to eighty gun cupolas since 1998”, said Tom Harald Svennevig, CEO, Umoe Mandal. “We are honoured to have been once again selected as the preferred supplier of critical ship structures amongst a group of highly reputable international contractors that have contended to participate in this program”.

Type 26 Global Combat Ship program is headed by UK Ministry of Defence and BAE Systems to develop a highly capable and versatile multi-mission warship for the UK Royal Navy, to support anti-submarine warfare, air defence, general purpose and humanitarian assistance operations. The first ship is schedule to enter service in the 2020s.

Type 26 Global Combat Ship main vessel specifications

 Main dimensions:

  • Displacement 6,900 tonnes
  • Length 149.9 metres
  • Maximum beam 20.8 metres


  • Top speed 26+ knots
  • Range in excess of 7,000 nautical miles in Electric-Motor (EM) drive


  • 2 x electric motors
  • 4 high speed diesel generators
  • Gas turbine direct drive


  • Accommodation, health and recreation services for 208 crew and 157 core complement