Maintenance and modification contract to Umoe Mandal

In July 2018, Umoe Mandal signed an exclusive 5 year Frame Working Agreement with the Norwegian Defence Logistic Organisation for overhauls of our Skjold Class Coastal Corvettes and Alta/Oksøy Class Mine countermeasure vessels. The contract has a duration of 5 years with an option for prolongation of up to 2 years.

This continued and extended cooperation further strengthens Umoe Mandal’s capacity and competence to support naval projects for maintenance and modification of vessels built in advanced composite materials.

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Maintenance and modifications to WAVECRAFT ™ Umoe Firmus

WAVECRAFT ™ Umoe Firmus has been refurbished from 12 to 24 Pax (IP). There is still spacious and comfortable seating arrangements for the passangers.
WAVECRAFT ™ Umoe Firmus has changed flag form British to Danish flag.
WAVECRAFT ™ vessels are based on proven Surface Effect Ship and air-cushion catamaran design, which guarantees rapid transit time, excellent seakeeping and passenger comfort, superior fuel economy and reduced environmental footprint.

New interior Firmus - Spacious & Comfortable
New interior Firmus – Spacious & Comfortable


Good and practical storagespace.
Good and practical storage space


Umoe Firmus Cabin
Umoe Firmus Cabin


Good sized kitchen
Good sized kitchen

The future is here!

The system is now in pilot operation including key mechanical components onboard the ship.
The system monitors machinery condition in real time to give the user accurate indication of machinery health and remaining component life.
The prototype installation will be tested by our engineers over the next year, giving valuable information on how to move away from traditional time based maintenance to a condition based maintenance strategy.

Umoe Mandal plan to offer Foresight technology as part of the SenseLOG maintenance program. The Ship owner will own the data and save cost by a better maintenance strategy. In turn, Umoe Mandal will have a shorter response time for maintenance requests, this ensuring the best possible availability of the vessel.

Together with Machine Prognostics, our vision is to reduce waste by increasing ship and machinery component life and thereby reduce maintenance costs for vessel owners. With this technology we solve tomorrows problems in the industry.

“Foresight Technology is a machinery condition indication system which gives the user accurate indication of the health and remaining life of machinery components.”