WAVECRAFT Umoe Rapid high-performance CTV (speed 45kn) serving major offshore windfarms.

Sailing up to 250 nm per day, and not slowing down

Umoe Rapid shows no sign of fatigue after a series of 24/7 crew transfers, sailing up to 250 nm per day.

WAVECRAFT™ Umoe Rapid, operated by World Marine Offshore has recently been awarded a 12 months charter to provide crew and cargo transfer, supporting turbine installation work at one of Germany’s largest and most distant wind farms.

This long-term charter is the latest in a series of jobs Umoe Rapid has been awarded since its delivery in May of this year. The vessel has proved notable performance, working for Statoil at Hywind Scotland, world’s first floating wind farm. Umoe Rapid has also earlier served at German North Sea, performing general crew and cargo transfers, and full substation personnel transfers.

Umoe Rapid’s impressive performance of 45 kn max. speed / 40 kn service speed, safe boatlanding in up to 2.5 m wave height, 25 per cent reduction in fuel consumption, compared to traditional windfarm CTVs in high speed, and substantially reduced seasickness, reported by crew and passengers and shown by third party monitoring, proves this craft to be a reliable and profitable workhorse of a vessel.

Even in rough weather and challenging sea conditions, Umoe Rapid has demonstrated high speed and excellent seakeeping capacity, expanding safe accessibility of wind turbines and other offshore installations to an average of 33 technicians per day.