Voyager 38 W2W

Umoe Mandal awarded support by The Research Council of Norway

As part of the MAROFF-2 programme for research, innovation and sustainability within marine and offshore industries, Umoe Mandal has been granted funding for further development of its WAVECRAFT™ vessel designs for the offshore Oil and Gas sector.

Umoe Mandal will focus on optimizing total vessel concept by conducting a parameter sensitivity study on the most important hull parameters in order to design an even lighter hull construction, which will result in more fuel reduction and lower CO2 emissions. Other focus areas will include enhanced propulsion solutions and fire restriction. Various calculation and testing programs will be applied, including simulation, model testing, CFD and FEM.

The overall objective of the project is to further develop proven Surface Effect Ship (SES) and air-cushion catamaran technology for a more competitive vessel in regard to construction and operating costs, specifically designed to improve logistics and cost-efficiency of operations in the offshore energy sector.

Umoe Mandal partnered with The Research Council of Norway on an earlier MAROFF-1 project developing WAVECRAFT™ high-speed CTVs for the offshore Renewables industry.

The MAROFF programme aims to actualize Norwegian government’s maritime strategy for promoting innovation and environmentally sustainable value creation in the maritime industries.

The programme provides support and funding to maritime firms and research institutions that initiate specific projects that target to discover innovative solutions to challenges identified in the Maritim21 and MARUT processes.

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