Wind giant tests fierce “seaplane” outside Esbjerg at 78 kilometer an hour

“Ørsted (former Dong Energy) is currently testing a hybrid between a hovercraft and a catamaran, so called “Surface Effect Ship” between Esbjerg Port and Horns Rev 2. With a max speed of up to 80 kilometers/hour, this vessel is stirring quiet a sensation….”

“We are constantly working to improve the technologies that we use when operating our windmill parks. A faster service vessel means shorter transit time, and therefore, technicians get more work time at windmill parks. When operating windmill parks, we have days where we can’t get access to the field due to weather; a more robust craft makes it possible to transfer wind technicians, allowing for more offshore working days per year, explains Håkan Borgström, Senior Manager, Operations Technology – Concept Line at Ørsted”.