Close to 100 gun cupolas in composite materials delivered to navies worldwide. Here onboard Skjold Class Coastal Corvette.

Composite structures for Defense sector

For more than 25 years, we have been designing and building high-performance naval ships and advanced components for the defense industry worldwide. We specialize in all-composite materials, which deliver high-strength, very low structural weight, non-corrosive vessels and structures, tailored for a variety of advanced applications.

Composite structures may be designed to meet specific operational requirements, including strength and stiffness specifications, high temperature properties and integrated sensor and stealth technologies.

The list below is just a preview of our capabilities. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your special project.

Gun cupolas

Since the delivery of our first prototype in 1998, we have supplied more than 73 gun cupolas to advanced military craft worldwide. Built in composite materials, they are robust and lightweight, and offer increased load capacity. Optimized with reduced part count and integrated features, they are designed for a fully-automated ammunition feeding operations, allowing for a much faster firing and reloading sequence with minimal reaction times. These advanced systems are designed for survivability at all levels of conflict.

Lift fans

Lift fans are essential components of any hover craft or Surface Effect Ship. High-performance fans are required to blow pressurized air under the vessel, creating an air cushion, which lifts the vessel partly out of the water.

Our composite and aerodynamically designed fans are substantially lighter, more reliable and easier to maintain than fans manufactured in other materials, and are designed to produce over 70 000 operational hours in harsh and corrosive environmental conditions.