Air-cushion catamaran and Surface Effect Ship technology offers excellent seakeeping.

Air-cushion catamaran & SES technology

A combination of lift, air-cushion and catamaran width make this an ideal design that offers our WAVECRAFT ™ vessels high speed, stability and exceptional seakeeping. An added advantage is the very low weight of all-composite hull materials.

Surface-Effect Ship (SES) technology combines the best features of hovercraft and catamaran hull design. Unlike a hovercraft, SES vessel does not depend on speed to rise in the water. Even at a complete standstill, large fans create a cushion of air inside the enclosure formed between the twin hulls by flexible skirts fore and aft. Rubber finger-type seals in the bow, and a bag seal in the stern maintain an air-tight pocket.

SES concept is famous for its high vessel speed, but most of all, its the combination of high speed and excellent seakeeping that offers it’s unique capabilities. Exceptional seakeeping is due to:

  • less wave motion impact on the vessel, which is partly lifted out of water
  • air-cushion functions as a large shock-absorber
  • our motion control system (RCS) damps vertical vessel’s motion

Air-cushion catamaran design and SES technology offer low wave resistance, hence, high speeds and considerably decreased fuel consumption, compared to monohulled vessels, resulting in improved environmental footprint and higher efficiencies.