KNM Skjold_Civil and Naval Engineering by Umoe Mandal

Marine & Naval engineering

Our highly-skilled engineering team of experts covers all relevant disciplines and has solid competence in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. We can offer complete ship design and build process for both naval and commercial vessels, as well as specialized components designs for a range of applications in commercial fishing, marine, offshore, land-based and defense sectors.

We offer our multi-disciplinary engineering services for any challenging design project in various industries with focus on LEAN and efficient design methods and advanced design tools to reduce development time and costs. From concept design through all levels of specifications, to detail design, including new constructions or conversions, interior and exterior outfitting, for different types of vessels and advanced structures, we look for most intelligent, efficient, practical, safe and environmentally responsible solution.

We emphasize quality of analysis, calculations and testing, and deliver projects in compliance with applicable local and international classifications and regulations. Many of our sophisticated designs and building techniques are based on state-of-the-art practices in the aircraft and automobile industries.


Proven technology

  • SES and high-speed craft technology
  • Air-cushion catamaran design
  • Composite materials (design and production)
  • Weight / strength optimization
  • Ship systems engineering
  • Hull structures
  • Propulsion systems
  • Auxiliary and special systems
  • Electrical systems
  • Cargo handling systems
  • Crew and passenger facilities
  • Navigation and ship control systems

Specialized expertise

  • MCMV technology
  • Stability and survivability
  • Shock protection methods
  • Fire, nuclear, chemical and biological protection
  • Magnetic, IR and optical signatures
  • Stealth technology
  • EMC/EMI measures, tempest and security
  • Combat systems integration