Our QHSE philosophy is rooted in the conviction that our employees are our most important asset. Safety, health, welfare and environment are the guiding principles of our enterprise. We have a strong focus on quality and are committed to making it right the first time. We respect human rights, act socially responsible and recognize the necessity of a sustainable development.

We encourage each other and our business partners to join us in our commitment to minimize risk of harm to man and our milieu. Throughout all our activities and through entire value chain, we continuously strive to develop solutions and processes that will produce conscious products and services, and will minimize our environmental footprint and that of our customers.

Umoe Mandal AS is certified according to NS-EN ISO 9001:2015. We are also certified by AQAP 2110 by the Norwegian Defence. The Certificate is revised biannually. The AQAP 2110 “NATO Quality Assurance Requirements for Design, Development and Production” conforms to the ISO 9001 with supplementary NATO specific requirements.


Health. Safety. Environment.

  • Execute 100% compliance with latest industry standards and regulations
  • Maintain personal and collective responsibility to uphold our QHSE Management System on all levels of organization
  • Center our R&D efforts on developing products and technology that will reduce our environmental footprint
  • Plan, maintain, evaluate and improve all processes and operations to ensure sustainability of our products and services throughout their lifetime
  • Practice our code of business conduct and ethics, respect human rights and act socially responsible in all our enterprise
  • Take a precautionary approach to avoid injuries, accidents and harm to milieu
  • Diligently work to provide hazard-free workplace and a healthy working environment
    • Accidents must lead to necessary changes in procedures
    • Management is responsible for keeping the safety precautions at all times
    • Everyone is responsible for working according to procedures and instructions
    • We encourage each other and our business partners to join us in our commitment to minimize risk of harm to man, products, facilities and the environment


Umoe Mandal is founded on these core business principles:

  • Our definition of Quality is the “ability to meet the stakeholders requirements and expectations”
  • Offer quality of our products, processes and services, both internally and externally
  • Support lean work processes and mindsets
  • Continually improve our quality management system to cost-effectively support provision of our products and services, while meeting regulatory demands and stakeholder requirements
  • Center our R&D efforts on developing products and technology that will meet demands of the future
  • Cultivate openness and encouragement in reporting of potential quality hazards
  • Value diversity of our team, clients and associates and embrace the richness of expertise, skills, human experience and character that our collaborations produce in synergy

To sustain our business philosophy, we:

  • Strive to understand and meet current and future customer needs, market demands and requirements of other stakeholders
  • Maintain company QHSE Management System on all levels of organization, through communication, motivation and monitoring of compliance by organization’s management
  • Plan, conduct, evaluate and continuously improve our processes, operations and QHSE Management System
  • Document, communicate, understand and apply company QHSE policy internally