STRONG performance. LIGHT materials.

Umoe Mandal offers expert engineering solutions, intelligent materials and bespoke production facilities for designing and building of advanced composite structures and high-performance vessels.

Our heritage of over 30 years, designing and delivering pioneering naval vessels has set the groundwork for expanding into world-class commercial craft. Today, we offer composite high-speed crew and passenger transfer vessels and advanced components for a variety of applications in marine, offshore, aquaculture, land-based and defense sectors.

Umoe Mandal is supported by the Norwegian state-owned Export Credit Norway, which provides competitive long-term loan financing solutions to national and foreign companies looking to purchase goods and services from Norwegian exporters.

Learn how you can obtain accessible financing for your next WAVECRAFT™ vessel.

Upcoming events

Wind Europe – Electric City 2021
23 November 2021 - 25 November 2021
C2 - A14
Bella Center, Center Boulevard, Copenhagen, Denmark

Latest news

New charter

24 November. 2021

Wavecraft™ Sprinter 28.

19 November. 2021
We are proud to present - Wavecraft™ Sprinter 28.

We have been busy!

18 November. 2021
We are proude to announce that Umoe Rapid has reached a milestone - making the incredible sailed distance of 5 times around the globe in only 5 years.

The future is green

17 November. 2021
We are designing zero-emission vessels for the future.


11 November. 2021

New tools arrived, lasers and scanners, innovative helpers for our production teams.

1 June. 2021

Composite Mast and SCOT sponsons for the HMS Glasgow

21 April. 2021

Umoe inngår samarbeid med Kongsberg knyttet til levetidsforlengelse av Skjold-klasse korvetter

18 September. 2020

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We look for dedicated experts who are ready to share their knowledge and develop further, as part of our dynamic team.

We value diversity of our colleagues, clients and associates; we embrace the richness of expertise, skills, human experience and character that our collaborations produce in synergy.

With 30 years of experience, we are just as committed today to continuously deliver our clients products and services of exceptional quality, offer our colleagues a safe and gratifying workplace, and to protect the environment that nourishes us.

Vessel series

Our heritage of delivering pioneering naval vessels for 30 years has set the ground-work for expanding into Renewables, Oil & Gas and Passenger sectors with WAVECRAFT™ series of high-performance crew and passenger transfer vessels.

Based on proven Surface Effect Ship and air-cushion catamaran design, these lightweight composite vessels offer unrivaled transit speed, excellent seakeeping, fuel economy and minimum emissions.

Composite structures

We have delivered more than 100 composite wind turbine blades delivered.

We design and manufacture advanced structures and component packages in composite sandwich materials for a variety of applications in marine, offshore, aquaculture, land-based and defense industries.

Composite materials are robust, lightweight, non-corrosive, non-toxic and recyclable; they assure low maintenance costs, extended lifespan and minimal environmental footprint.