Composite paravane from Umoe Mandal

Composite structures

We have been designing and manufacturing advanced composite structures for over thirty years. Our competent team has the expertise in customizing this intelligent material with required properties and in designing large, complex structures, optimized for particular applications.

We manufacture composite structures in custom-made moulds that conform to advanced and precise geometry detail and are designed to accommodate product’s stringent specifications for precision and finish and critical requirements in regard to strength and geometry. As a result, we can offer competitive production of “one of” or a smaller series of products, since our manufacturing methods would require less costly customized molds. This also means that we can progressively make adjustments and implement design modifications from product to product. Composite materials are extremely easy to repair and can also be modified to “as new” quality in case of need for revision even later in the production process.

The list below is just a preview of our capabilities. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your special project.

STRONG performance. LIGHT materials.


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