Umoe Mandal 30 year anniversary

The first thirty…

In 2018 Umoe Mandal celebrated 30 years of expertise, perseverance and innovation. From the very start in 1988, we were destined to design and build revolutionary vessels.

We have carried on the long and proud shipbuilding tradition of our region, aligning it with the best of modern technology and use of intelligent materials. In a class of their own, our Mine Countermeasure Vessels are still executing missions for the Royal Norwegian Navy, while our Skjold Class Coastal Corvettes still reign as fastest combat ship in the world. Our WAVECRAFT ™ series of high-performance Crew Transfer Vessels are daily proving their merit at major offshore windfarms.

Through the years, we have stood up to challenges and have embraced change in order to create new solutions that deliver value to our customers, bring sustainable growth to our organization and better the environment that nourishes us. We are determined to continue our voyage of growth and excellence.

We thank our customers, partners and associates for their support; we extend our gratitude to our colleagues for their great passion, workmanship and commitment through the first thirty…

Take a look at our anniversary publication The first thirty… / De første tredve…
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Towards new horizons...

WAVECRAFT high-performance CTV

We have reached and crossed new technological frontiers and now offer new generation of high-performance WAVECRAFT ™ Crew Transfer Vessels for the Renewables, Oil & Gas, Passenger and Defense sectors.

All WAVECRAFT ™ vessels are based on proven Surface Effect Ship and air-cushion catamaran design, which guarantees rapid transit time, excellent seakeeping and passenger comfort, superior fuel economy and reduced environmental footprint.

WAVECRAFT ™ vessels are equipped a sophisticated active heave compensation system, which ensure safe transfer and access to other vessels and installations offshore in up to 2,5 m Hs.

Structural design of our vessels presents low wake wash characteristics, enabling safer, high-speed operations in shallow and confined areas, while benefiting atmospheric and marine environments.

Our heritage

Since the Viking Age, Norway has been a recognized shipbuilding nation with an affinity for small, agile ships. Mandal has a particular naval shipbuilding tradition that stretches back several generations, and the area has more than 40 years of local experience with building high-speed vessels.
Composite paravane from Umoe Mandal

Composite structures

We have been designing and manufacturing advanced composite structures for over thirty years. Our competent team has the expertise in customizing this intelligent material with required properties and in designing large, complex structures, optimized for particular applications.
WAVECRAFT Umoe Rapid high-performance CTV


Our experience in delivering pioneering naval vessels has set the ground-work for expanding into high-performance commercial craft. WAVECRAFT™ series of new generation crew and passenger transfer vessels is our latest contribution to the Renewables, Oil & Gas, Passenger and Naval sectors.
Advanced naval vessels in composites by Umoe Mandal


Over 30 years of experience and close partnerships with global leading academic institutions and industry experts have contributed to our increased capabilities and knowledge of highly specialized technology and productions methods. We channel this insight into new projects, delivering more intelligent solutions to our customers, offering a more stimulating workplace to our people and ensuring a sustainable growth for our company.
Tidal Transit Vessels Ginny Louise & Umoe Firmus


Our QHSE philosophy is rooted in the conviction that our employees are our most important asset. Safety, health, welfare and environment are the guiding principles of our enterprise. We have a strong focus on quality and are committed to making it right the first time. We respect human rights, act socially responsible and recognize the necessity of a sustainable development.
KNM Skjold_Civil and Naval Engineering by Umoe Mandal

Marine & Naval engineering

Our highly-skilled engineering team of experts covers all relevant disciplines and has solid competence in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. We can offer complete ship design and build process for both naval and commercial vessels, as well as specialized components designs for a range of applications in commercial fishing, marine, offshore, land-based and defense sectors.