We are Umoe Mandal

With over 30 years of experience, we are just as committed today to continuously deliver our clients products and services of exceptional quality, offer our colleagues a safe and gratifying workplace, and to protect the environment that nourishes us.

Umoe Mandal AS was founded in 1988 as a purpose-built shipyard, specializing in composite Fiber Reinforced Plastic hull materials and advanced components. The company is anchored in a long history of regional shipbuilding tradition and specialized production capabilities, combined with our team’s leading expertise in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering.

We are part of Umoe Group, one of the largest privately-owned industrial investment companies in Norway, specializing in
green energy and services sectors, with international operations and strong presence in biofuels, advanced materials, forestry, merchant, offshore O&G, renewables, and naval sectors, consulting services, electronics, restaurant and real estate sectors. 


Our vision

To be the preferred partner for advanced vessels and components in composite materials.


Customer promise

We create value for our customers through strong performance and light materials.


Our culture

We strongly believe in individual responsibility and that of our organization, collectively, to explore, apply and maintain practices that will support continuous and sustainable growth. Understanding customer’s current and future needs and expectations is pivotal to our strategy, and we keep strong customer focus. We are empowered by the integrity of our principles in all of our relationships; with our colleagues, clients and other stakeholders and our commitment is reflected in our efforts to cultivate agile organization, effective management and sound financial decision making.

We value diversity of our team, clients and associates; we embrace the richness of expertise, skills, human experience and character that our collaborations produce in synergy.


Our values


We stand by our values in demanding situations. We are committed to completing demanding strategic and operational change processes. We make decisions as if our ownership is infinite in time.


We have, and cultivate, different organizational cultures within a common Umoe culture. We recognize the strength of diversity and practice equally between cultures, fields of competence, personalities, age, gender and ethnicity.


We always look for opportunities. We are proactive and forward-thinking in our day-to-day operations. A solid understanding of business and value creation provides a sound platform for long term growth.


Change is history’s only constant. We challenge ourselves continuously and have the power to make changes with a positive attitude. We learn from the changes we experience.