Umoe Firmus high-speed CTV working for Tidal Transit


Enabling clean energy with greener vessels.

WAVECRAFT ™ Commander and Sprinter series of Crew Transfer Vessels for wind farm service operations are purpose-designed to deliver greater access to offshore installations, while increasing productivity of the operations and maintenance teams and maximizing operational availability.

These craft offer high speed, low wake wash, excellent seakeeping capabilities and better passenger comfort, substantially reducing seasickness.

Our vessels are fitted with a unique boarding control system (BCS ™), which significantly reduces heave and pitch motions, enabling personnel to safely and simply access a turbine in sea states of up to 2,5m Hs.





Sprinter 28

WAVECRAFT™ Sprinter 28 is part of next generation of lightweight composite vessels for high speed crew transport that has been designed to maximize the availability of offshore wind turbines at competitive costs

Sprinter 28 is the next-generation wind service CTV, based on more than 30 Years of successful SES technology from Umoe Mandal – experience that has been incorporated into the Sprinter 28 design.

The Sprinter 28 is lighter, faster and offers improved fuel economy and comfort levels compared to previous designs,

Sprinter 28 is available in different engine configurations; Dual engine, Quad Engine and is also available in different Hybrid solutions. Sprinter 28 is a flexible platform with respect to be able to accommodate several superstructures, different layouts to accommodate ship owners’ requirements to number of pax, crew facilities and designs.

In the Sprinter 28 design Umoe Mandal have designed an extreme high speed crew transfer vessel for transportation of service personnel to offshore wind farms which offer the highest speed in the market, excellent seakeeping and manoeuvrability, supreme passenger comfort and safe access to offshore wind turbines even in high sea states.

Like all WAVECRAFT™, these vessels are based on proven surface-effect ship (SES) and an air-cushion catamaran technologies, using an active vertical motion damping system.

Our unique motion damping system consists of two fully-automatic sub-modes: Boarding Control System (BCSTM) and Ride Control System (RCS). The two modes are easily switched between on the operator interface touchscreen according to required operating mode, either Transit or Boarding.

RCS reduces wave-induced vertical motion, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride. When approaching a turbine, BCS™ is activated, reducing heave and pitch motions to a minimum. This enables personnel to step onto the turbine safely and simply.

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Umoe Rapid at Borkum 10.2017

Commander 27

WAVECRAFT ™ Commander series is a highly-sophisticated class of composite vessels specifically-designed for the medium to long-range transportation of personnel to offshore wind farms. Commander craft are designed to operate at almost twice the speed and wave height of other equivalent vessels on the market.

Commander series delivers greater access to offshore installations, while increasing productivity of O&M teams, and maximizing operational availability.

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Sprinter 26

Sprinter series is a new-generation of lightweight, composite WAVECRAFT ™ vessels that has been designed to maximize the availability of wind turbines for minimal costs. Rapid transit, reduced seasickness and improved wellbeing of transported O&M personnel would offer more uptime and cost-efficiencies for the operator, as a result of long-range, high-speed transportation of service personnel to offshore wind farms even in high sea states.

Sprinter vessels offer excellent seakeeping, maneuverability and safe access to offshore installations.


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