Our heritage

Since the Viking Age, Norway has been a recognized shipbuilding nation with an affinity for small, agile ships. Mandal has a particular naval shipbuilding tradition that stretches back several generations, and the area has more than 40 years of local experience with building high-speed vessels.

Our team of naval architects and engineers honors these traditions and allies them with the best of modern technology and use of intelligent materials. Since our foundation over 30 years ago, we have completed a number comprehensive studies and trials of vessel and component design, stealth technologies and composite materials, and have mastered Surface Effect Ship design and air-cushion catamaran technology.

In close cooperation with most formidable customers and partners, including Royal Norwegian Navy, US Navy, Norwegian and international academic institutions and research centers, we have designed, built and delivered truly ground-breaking naval vessels and advanced components to some of the most demanding industries worldwide.

Today, we focus our knowledge and experience further, and are determined to become a world-leading supplier of advanced vessels and components in composite materials for naval and commercial applications.

Revolutionary Mine Countermeasure Vessels (MCMV) serving Royal Norwegian Navy.

Oksøy and Alta class MCMV

The safest MCMV at sea

During 1989-1998 we have designed and delivered nine Mine Counter Measure Vessels (MCMV) of Alta and Oksøy class to Royal Norwegian Navy.

These all-composite constructions, built in Glass-fibre Reinforced Polyester (GRP) and designed as air-cushion catamarans / Surface Effect Ships, are able to withstand 60 per cent more shockwave impact from underwater explosions, compared to traditional monohulls of the same size. This proven ability comes from the protective air-cushion layer around the vessel’s hulls, making it the safest MCMV ever built.

Oksøy and Alta class ship can be configured to meet any MCMV requirements, including alternative sonar and command control systems. They can also be designed with combined minehunter and minesweeper capabilities.

These vessels have proven their powerful capabilities participating in national and international exercises and assignments.

KNM Skjold under øvelse Flotex 2015 / KNM Skjold during exercise Flotex 2015

RNoN Skjold class corvette

A revolutionary seaborne shield of defense

In 2008, Royal Norwegian Navy and Umoe Mandal introduced a deciding player in littoral welfare, RNoN Skjold-class corvette. Total of six of these brand new Littoral Combat Craft (LCC) were delivered to Royal Norwegian Navy.

What is revolutionary about RNoN Skjold is the particular combination of technologies integrated into a truly unique vessel. Skjold has the qualities that enable it to be an effective shield in the most varied and extreme situations, inshore and in open seas – peacetime as well as wartime.

RNoN Skjold is truly a pioneering vessel that successfully incorporates stealth technology and a Surface Effect Ship platform. It is the first craft where radar-absorbing properties have been built into the actual load-carrying structure of the ship. The Skjold Class LCC is the only vessel in which the superstructure, hull and fittings are produced largely of radar-absorbing materials.  In addition to enhancing stealth characteristics, this yields a considerable weight advantage.

RNoN Skjold has shown remarkable speed capability of over 60 kn, even in high seas. It has operated in wave heights of more than 25 feet (8m) without difficulty and remains as the fastest combat ship in the world.  


We carry on a long shipbuilding tradition of our region. We strive to continuously learn, develop and produce value for our customers, partners and the environment by providing smarter solutions and better practices. We are proud of our experience and track record of taking on ambitious projects and delivering rewarding results.

Our milestones

Delivery of UMOE RAPID

Delivery of UMOE FIRMUS

2014 – 2017
Development of WAVECRAFT TM VOYAGER series for the Oil & Gas sector

Contract and production of three WAVECRAFT TM Commander series vessels

2011 – 2013
Development of new WAVECRAFT TM CTV series for Renewables sector

WAVECRAFT TM awarded finalist place at Carbon Trust Offshore Wind Accelerator competition


“Co-Patch” Consortium participant (Coordinated by NTUA and funded by the European Commission under the Framework-7)

2003 – 2013
Design, production and delivery of 5+1 Skjold Class FPB

2001 – 2008
Concept studies LCS, JMAC, T-Craft

Acquired by Umoe Group and registered as Umoe Mandal AS

1999 – 2001
Trials and US deployment of HNoMS Skjold

1998 – 2004
Contract for upgrade of 14 Hauk Class FPBs

1997 – 1999
Design, production and delivery of prototype Skjold Class FPB

1991 – 1998
Design, production and delivery of 9 MCMVs

Fully owned by Kværner with new facilities at Gismerøya in Mandal, Norway

Founded as Kværner Båtservice – shipyard specializing in composite Fiber Reinforced Plastic materials