Advanced naval vessels in composites by Umoe Mandal


Over 30 years of experience and close partnerships with global leading academic institutions and industry experts have contributed to our increased capabilities and knowledge of highly specialized technology and productions methods. We channel this insight into new projects, delivering more intelligent solutions to our customers, offering a more stimulating workplace to our people and ensuring a sustainable growth for our company.

In close cooperation with most formidable customers and partners, including Royal Norwegian Navy and US Navy, we have been researching, designing, building and delivering high-speed vessels and advanced components in all-composite FRP materials. Our expertise spans across new warship designs, acoustic and magnetic properties, shock design, stealth technologies and weight / strength optimization.

We have also conducted extensive material research and test programs for composite materials and development of new commercial vessel designs, including high-performance, high-speed craft for crew and passenger transport.

We are invested in continuous development and progress, and we center our research and development activities and projects around fields that provide added value to our customers. We cultivate innovative culture and approach our R&D efforts with a coherent, long-term strategic determination.


Past and current R&D projects

  • European Defence Agency (EDA): Convince project
  • National Technical University of Athens: Co-Patch project
  • Marintek
  • BAE MK: Engineering studies
  • NATO: Norway, UK, Italy, Netherlands, France
  • Royal Norwegian Navy:
    • detail design, construction and testing of 5 minehunters of Oksøy class and 4 Minesweepers of Alta class Mine Countermeasure Vessels (MCMV),
    • detail design, construction, testing, evaluation and operations of 5 + 1 Skjold class Coastal Corvettes
  • US Navy:
    • Concept design for Focused Mission Ship
    • Preliminary design of Littoral Combat Ship
    • Concept design of Joint Maritime Assault Connector (JMAC) – the next generation LCAC
  • Kværner: R & D program “Ship for the Future”
  • US Office of Naval Research: Concept design and prototype development for Sea Base Connector Transformable Craft (T-Craft)
  • Textron Marine & Land Systems (TM&LS): Composite components for Ship-to-Shore Connector (SSC)
  • Research Council of Norway, Innovation Norway, Equinor, Carbon Trust Offshore Wind Accelerator (OWA): WAVECRAFT TM high-speed CTVs

Umoe T-Craft

Umoe T-Craft is designed as a Sea Base Connector Transformable Craft, and is constructed to deliver game changing capability for transporting material and personnel from the sea onto the shore. After a 3500 nautical mile ocean voyage it can take onboard 300 tons of cargo at sea, then, – through a rapid 250 nautical mile transit at 40 knots, it can transform itself to a fully amphibious vehicle – delivering material and personnel “feet dry” on the beach.