The combination of diminishing fossil fuels and global warming means that green energy presents a unique long-term investment opportunity, that is both ethically responsible and financially viable.

Ownership – Umoe Group

We are part of the Umoe Group, one of the largest privately-owned industrial investment companies in Norway, specializing in green energy and services sectors. Umoe Group is the main shareholder of Umoe Mandal AS.

Umoe Group was formed in 1984 as a shipping and oil service company. In 2000 it ceased its oil service operations to focus on the services sector and in recent years has expanded rapidly in renewable energy.

Umoe Group seeks out high reward, high risk opportunities, while developing companies through acquisitions, restructuring and organic growth. Umoe Group prides itself on contributing more than just capital, and actively supports its businesses in creating value. Most importantly, Umoe Group believes in empowering its teams in turning businesses around through agile organization, effective management and sound financial decision making. This long-term commitment is central to Umoe Group’s success, and has resulted in it having become one of Norway’s largest privately owned companies.

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