Financing solution

Are you looking for an accessible financing scheme for your next WAVECRAFT™ vessel? Umoe Mandal is supported by the Norwegian state-owned Export Credit Norway, which provides competitive long-term loan financing solutions to national and foreign companies looking to purchase goods and services from Norwegian exporters.

Export Credit Norway offers effective, stable long-term financing at competitive terms, handling the entire loan application process, including commitment, disbursement and monitoring of loans. The combined financing package includes a loan from Export Credit Norway, backed by guarantees from Export Credit agencies and banks, ensures a competitive and secure financing solution for the buyer.

Export Credit Norway offers loans with two different sets of interest terms: fixed-rate Commercial Interest Reference Rate (CIRR) loans and CIRR-qualified market loans with variable rates. Both types of loans may be disbursed in all OECD currencies, and both comply with the OECD Arrangement on Officially Supported Export Credits.

Learn more about financing opportunities at Export Credit Norway