Composite structures for O&G sector

The list below is just a preview of our capabilities. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your special project.

Composite paravane from Umoe Mandal


We can deliver composite paravanes equipped with sophisticated navigation sensors, GPS receivers and acoustic ranging units, customized for a range of applications. Designed and outfitted for specific tasks, our paravanes can be utilized for seismic and marine exploration, commercial fishing, defense and offshore operations.


Lift fans

Lift fans are essential components of any hover craft or Surface Effect Ship. High-performance fans are required to blow pressurized air under the vessel, creating an air cushion, which lifts the vessel partly out of the water.

Our composite and aerodynamically designed fans are substantially lighter, more reliable and easier to maintain than fans manufactured in other materials, and are designed to produce over 70 000 operational hours in harsh and corrosive environmental conditions.

UAC composite type IV pressure vessels

Pressure vessels

We supply composite pressure vessels for transport and storage of CNG, biogas and hydrogen, according to PED. Due to size and light, robust and non-corrosive glass fibre materials used to build these type IV pressure vessels, they offer numerous advantages, including: price competitiveness, lower maintenance cost and a longer lifetime. Our pressure vessels can be used for ADR and DOT approved applications for road transport and RID approved solutions for railway applications.

Since 2008 we have been supplying pressure vessels to high-spec semi-submersible oil rigs and drillships for marine and offshore applications, as well as to large offshore / subsea Active Heave Compensated cranes.

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Wire and rope sheaves

We supply carbon or glass fibre composite wire and rope sheaves for cranes and other lifting systems. Our sheaves are designed to optimize lifting capacity of the crane, expand wire lifetime, minimize maintenance costs and offer energy savings. These lightweight systems also benefit capacity and stability of the crane, and if installed on board a ship or floating rig, increase stability of the ship or rig.

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Air-control skid

Air control skid

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